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About the Patriot Commission....

The United States Patriot Commission was created in an American household just like yours. One that saw the ever growing consequences our country is facing due to the corruption of our public servants.  


As a country, we must look past politics and focus on criminal politicians and public servants who have sold out our families for a dollar. We must seek JUSTICE.


When you join the commission you gain access to many others who believe this country needs justice restored, just like you! As membership increases, so does the commissions operating budget. This means we can hire professionals to begin an investigation into "Operation Lamplighter" or, "the Boys on the Tracks". As we grow, please listen to host Shelly Govar weekly as she digs into this story with Linda Ives in a way never told before.

We wish to shine a light in a dark place, one that no one can hide from- and do something about what we find. Join up today to build our corrupt leaderships reckoning.

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